Ensure an Efficient Furnace This Winter

Ensure an Efficient Furnace This Winter

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Ed Miller on Tue, Sep 11, 2012

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Colder weather is just around the corner. Now is the best time to do a seasonal check on your furnace. There are a few things that you, the homeowner, can do to maintain your furnace and keep the heating bills down.

The filter is always the best place to start. It filters the air going through the duct system. This serves two purposes. One, it removes dust from the air and your house, reducing the amount of dust you breathe. Two, it keeps dust from gathering on the squirrel cage fan fins that would cause an inefficient fan, thus causing an inefficient air handling unit.

The filter is always located in the return side of the air system. This is usually a large vent somewhere in the center of the house. In larger homes, there may be more than one. Once you’ve located this, it’s a simple matter of removing the filter and replacing it. Some filters may be permanent. These are to be removed and cleaned.

Some dust usually gets by the filter and over time collects on the indoor coil and/or the squirrel cage fan. These will need to be cleaned when this happens to restore the unit’s efficiency. This is best left to a professional.

Heat pumps require some maintenance on the outside unit. Always be sure the outside condensing unit is free of weeds or debris. This unit needs a clear flow of air to operate efficiently.

Over time the heat pump’s outside unit becomes clogged with dust and other airborne debris. The coil will need to be cleaned to restore the efficiency of the unit. This can with water and soap. It’s best to have a professional take care of this matter.

The heat pump must be charged properly with refrigerant to insure efficiency. When the charge is low in the summer, it’s apparent because it quits cooling the house. But in the winter, it’s not so apparent. When the charge is low in the heating season, the back-up comes on. These are usually electric resistance coils. They are not nearly as efficient as the heat pump.

Keeping air filters cleaned and changed in the unit goes a long way in maintaining efficiency. They cut down on dust in the house making the air in your home healthier to breathe. Learn where these are and maintain them. Your heating and cooling technician at Snyder Heating & Air in Jacksonville, Florida, will be happy to show you how.




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