Furnace and Heater Safety

Furnace and Heater Safety

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Ed Miller on Sun, Jan 01, 2012

In Jacksonville, Florida, we are very lucky that our cold winters are not so bad. However, it is still enough for us Floridians to crank up the heat in 60 degree weather. Did you know that more fires occur during the winter than any other season? It’s because most homeowners neglect the rules and safety guidelines when operating their furnace or heater. As the winter continues on, it’s important to learn a few heating systems safety tips to protect yourself and your family.

Furnace Safety Tips

  • Clean out or change out your filters once a month.
  • Clear obstructions from your exhaust vent. Also, clean out debris from your vent pipe, including leaves and animal nests.
  • Remove any debris or trash from the furnace closet. Your HVAC closet should never be used as a storage bin.
  • Make sure your furnace pilot light is lit and burning properly (look for a bright blue flame). If that flame is flickering, orange, or yellow, then your furnace is not burning completely and your family could be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Keep all of your vents open at all times. When you close more than 20% of the vents, it will result in a potentially deadly heat buildup in the furnace.

Space Heater Safety Tips

    • Keep all combustible items, including clothing, paper, and drapery at least three feet away from your space heater.
    • Never use a space heater as your only source of heat, only as a supplement.
    • Never use extension cords to operate your space heater.
    • Check the cord before plugging in for frayed or damaged areas.
    • If the plug for your space heaters gets too hot, then you need to have the outlet replaced by a technician.
    • Don’t use the space heater in damp areas, like the bathroom.

To learn more ways to keep your family safe during the winter, contact us today.



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