How Much Does a New HVAC System Cost?

How Much Does a New HVAC System Cost?

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Ed Miller on Wed, Mar 10, 2021

Untitled design (4)A good HVAC system is an investment not only in the value of your home, but in your family’s comfort. Yet many people hesitate to upgrade their aging air conditioning systems because they’re worried about the cost. You want to make sure that you’re making a good investment for your home and comfort, but it can be hard to know the precise amount you’ll need to budget for when planning to swap out an older air conditioning system for a new one. We’re here to break the cost of a new HVAC system down for you!

The Parts of an HVAC System

When you think of your HVAC system, you might think of the box that sits outside your home, or the furnace tucked away in a corner. Yet your HAC system has far numerous components you will need to consider when you decide to replace it. These components are where the unexpected costs might surprise you.

The acronym “HVAC” stands for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning”. The purpose of a HVAC system is to regulate your home’s temperature, manage humidity, and filter the air. This process requires many components, such as:

  • The unit outdoors, which generally contains the condenser coil, a compressor, and a fan.
  • The unit indoors, which usually contains the furnace, the air blower, the evaporator coil, and the air handling unit.
  • Several refrigeration lines that pass between your indoor and outdoor units and circulate the refrigerant that transports hot air out of your house.
  • Ductwork that runs throughout your home to carry the conditioned air. This ductwork contains both return air ducts and supply air ducts.
  • A thermostat, which allows you to tell the system what temperature it should maintain.

The Cost of Upgrading an HVAC System

Replacing or upgrading an HVAC system may mean replacing one or several of the components listed above. The short answer to “How much will it cost for a new HVAC system?” is, “Between $15,000 and $40,000.” More accurate ranges for potential price depend on the condition of your existing system, the size of system you need, what type of system you have, and the market price of components.

  • Split system HVAC units are the most common ones you find in homes. It is often most affordable in terms of equipment, but the installation cost may be higher because of duct work. The price to replace equipment only for a 14 SEER split system is usually between $7,500 and $10,000.
  • Ductless or Mini-Split system HVAC units place an individual unit in every room. These systems are generally mounted on indoor walls and attached to a compressor outside. The price to replace equipment only for a single zone ductless system is between $8,000 and $15,000.
  • Packaged system HVAC units are not common. They are designed to place all important parts into one cabinet and are usually installed outside. The cost to replace only the equipment for a 14 SEER packaged system is about $10,000 to $14,000.

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