How to Use Your Air Conditioning to Control Your Asthma

How to Use Your Air Conditioning to Control Your Asthma

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Ed Miller on Tue, Jul 26, 2011

We often hear that without proper maintenance, air conditioning units may decrease your home’s quality of air. However, it can also enhance it when you treat your AC unit right.

What Air Conditioning and Asthma Have in Common

Mold, pollen, and pet dander are the main triggers of asthma.  These air particles are unavoidable to breathe in, but there is some good news to limit the amount of particles. Air conditioning units contain filters that keep our particle intake to a minimum. AC units also help eliminate humidity, which can rapidly start mold and algae growth around your home.

Air conditioners work by:

  1. Pulling air into the unit
  2. The air gets forced through filters, blowers, compressors, condensers, coolers and evaporators
  3. Then the air is blasted back at the temperature of your choice

This cycle keeps air circulating throughout your environment and eventually through your lungs.  Be aware that if the air quality does not improve and is still full of pollen, heavy mold, and animal dander than the problem may lie in the upkeep of the unit.  These causations could result in an asthma attack.

Professional Ideal Air Conditioning Upkeep

At Snyder Air Conditioning and Heating, we recommend having your air conditioner services at least once a year.  Our trained professionals will inspect the overall condition of the unit.

  • First, the performance of the unit will be checked for proper efficiency and make sure all mechanical aspects are operating smoothly
  • Then a check on the coolant level and pureness
  • The coils will then be inspected for mold or algae growth.
  • The blower will then be examined to make sure it is not corroded with dirt or other debris.  The wheels are also easy to clean if the damage is minimal.
  • Your filter will be replaced.
  • The drain will be cleaned of mold and algae.

This is Snyder Air Conditioning and Heating’s guarantee – we work hard to improve your indoor air quality.  Give Snyder a call today for a free estimate on the condition of your system, so we can ensure you get the long lasting life out of your AC system that you want.




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