How Your Home Benefits From Insulation

How Your Home Benefits From Insulation

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Ed Miller on Sun, Oct 27, 2019



Insulation is the hero homeowners need and the one they deserve right now. It works tirelessly day and night to ensure our homes stay a comfortable temperature, the air we breathe remains allergen-free, and our energy usage does not blow up our pocketbooks. We may not notice it when it does its job well, but we definitely feel it when our insulation needs a little extra help.

Most of us know we need insulation to keep our homes warm in the winter, but we may not realize all the benefits that fluffy wall-filling offers us. Read on to discover how our homes benefit from insulation!

A Barrier Against the Temperature Outside

The most common notion about insulation says it keeps the warmth from the heater inside on a cold day. While this is accurate, it is also an inadequate way to explain what a home’s insulation does for the occupants inside. Insulation does far more than keep the warmth in. Insulation provides a barrier against the conditioned air inside and the undesirable temperature outside.

Imagine an ice-cold can of your favorite soda sitting on your coffee table. When you pick it up, you feel the cold of the metal as it contacts your skin. Your hand then feels chilly, while the drink inside the can feels just a little warmer than it did before. Within minutes, your soda lacks that delicious, icy chill it had when you took it out of the fridge. It is now warm and less enjoyable to drink.

Now imagine slipping a foam can cover over the can. When you pick it up, you no longer feel the cold metal, and more, your body heat does not pass through the wall of the can to warm the soda within. Minutes later, your soda still has that lovely coldness it possessed right out of the fridge.

Insulation acts as the foam can cover for your home. It prevents the air inside your home, warm or cold, from exchanging energy and temperature with the air outside. In the summer, your home will stay more consistent, cool temperature, even when the thermometer outside has risen far too high. This becomes energy savings, and financial savings, for you and your family.

Air Quality Defender

Did you know insulation does more than prevent the outside temperature from coming inside? It also helps prevent allergens and outdoor air pollutants from slipping into your home! Allergens and other matter can slip into your home through the leaks caused by insufficient or old insulation along with drafts of air.

An appropriately insulated home helps prevent these allergens from sneaking inside. You and your family can enjoy higher air quality, thanks to your insulation.

Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning – Your Home’s Other Heroes

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