HVAC Maintenance Fall Checklist: Top Five Things to Review

HVAC Maintenance Fall Checklist: Top Five Things to Review

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Ed Miller on Fri, Oct 30, 2015

Now that the winter season is almost here, fall is a perfect time for homeowners to check the home’s heating and HVAC systems thoroughly. Even though, for the most part, Florida’s temperatures don’t change drastically in the winter, it’s still important to conduct an inspection of your home’s equipment and make note of what needs to be done so that it will run efficiently during the winter and the hot summer. If you find during your inspection that you need help, our Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are ready and able to assist you.

Review this simple checklist for five things that will help you to discern whether your HVAC and heating systems are working as efficiently as possible, or if they could use a little TLC.

Check for Damage to Components

Your checklist should begin with a visual inspection of both outdoor units and indoor units for any damage. Your components can become damaged due to weather, unforeseen events or just plain wear and tear. Our technicians will clean and test your heating equipment so that when winter comes, you will be ready. Your air conditioner equipment can be checked at this time for any damage. The condenser unit is outside and if not checked, will become covered with dead leaves, which will block the correct airflow necessary for it to work efficiently. Other cooling components to check include coils and the refrigerant level.

Check Functionality of Equipment

Run your heating equipment for a few minutes before it gets cold out. Listen to your equipment for any noises that don’t sound normal during regular usage. Noises could include internal rattling, hissing, or squeaking. Check to make sure the equipment works properly before you need to use it. If you wait to repair it, you may get stuck waiting until it’s beyond broken, as technicians are very busy during the cooler winter and hotter summer months.

Check Furnace and Air Filters

Many homeowners forget about this routine task that should be towards the top of your checklist. Checking the filters should be incorporated into your regular inspection as dirty filters can keep your equipment from working as efficiently as possible.

Check Compressor

Check your compressor for ice buildup and cycling. If you do find ice, you will need to contact a professional because there are a few different reasons that it could be happening. For example, leaking coolant can cause ice buildup, but so can damaged coils or a dirty filter. A professional HVAC technician will be able to diagnose the problem and offer solutions to get your equipment working properly.  

Outdoor Vegetation Check

By the time fall has rolled around, your equipment might have become overrun with vegetation, including weeds, bushes, or falling leaves. Keep the vegetation trimmed back. Fall is a great time to prune plants and bushes away from the equipment.

Having a checklist to inspect your heating and cooling components will save you money in the long run, as well as keep your equipment working efficiently for as long as possible.

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