HVAC Rebates For Jacksonville Residents

HVAC Rebates For Jacksonville Residents

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Ed Miller on Tue, Aug 13, 2013

The renovated heating systems, ventilation systems and air conditioning Jacksonville residents need can currently be obtained through the use of federal rebates which are available through 2013 and retroactively available for some of 2012. Jacksonville residents should be aware that these HVAC rebates may not last through the next year, so those that want to renovate their home with heating and cooling improvements may wish to act quickly. These HVAC rebates are being provided as part of a government initiative to encourage homeowners to conserve electricity and reduce their overall reliance on unneeded electricity within their homes.



Renovated HVAC systems can provide the comfort of heating and cooling while also creating a healthy air supply for your family. New HVAC systems tend to be much more energy efficient than older systems, which means that the system will pay for itself over time. They also tend to heat and cool a home much faster because they are so efficient and so new, which means that homeowners won’t have to wait for the temperature of their home to adjust any longer. Energy costs have only gone up in the past decade, which means that many homeowners may find themselves saving significant amounts of money through energy efficient HVAC systems.

New federal tax credits are currently open which provide rebates for the air conditioning Jacksonville residents need. Federal tax credits will put money into your wallet at the end of the next tax season, or will offer you the opportunity to apply the credits to any taxes that you have due that year. However, these tax credits might not be available for long, which necessitates fast action. Federal tax credits are gained back directly through the government upon the completion of one’s tax return, which means that a homeowner will have to file their taxes before they get their rebate.

Not only does a renovated HVAC system provide the energy efficient heating or air conditioning Jacksonville homeowners desire, but it also increases the overall resale value of a home. Many real estate agents have found over the past year that home buyers are looking for energy efficiency in a home, and that energy efficient appliances will greatly increase the sales price of a home. This means that you can increase the value of your Jacksonville home while still getting a rebate back from the government.

Energy efficient appliances and installations have a great return on investment, which means that the amount that it increases the value of a home is often far greater than the amount that the appliance actually costs. In addition to this, the rebate will further decrease the cost of the installation and increase the overall return on investment. It will also help sell homes in a competitive market like Jacksonville, which currently has a relatively large inventory of homes for sale.

Statistics by EnergyStar show that almost half of most homeowner’s electricity bills are due to their heating and cooling costs. If you take a look at your monthly energy bill, you will see just how significant that number is and how much you could potentially be cutting your bill by. Those that don’t want to completely replace their HVAC system can still lower their overall energy costs by maintaining their current system. A current HVAC system can be maintained by cleaning coils, checking refrigerant and cleaning and adjusting blowers. All of these items together can increase an HVAC system by over 15 percent, which will directly affect a homeowner’s energy costs.

The new federal tax credit, which provides upgrades to heating units and air conditioning Jacksonville residents install, can either be up to 10 percent of the cost of the unit up to $500 or a specific amount which ranges from $50 to $300. The specifics can be discussed with a quality HVAC professional, as there are specific qualifications that need to be met. Not all EnergyStar approved appliances and HVAC systems will qualify, which means Jacksonville residents interested in claiming these rebates should always contact a professional to determine their best course of action.

New HVAC systems aren’t just wonderful for a homeowner and their family, they’re also environmentally friendly. Older and less energy efficient HVAC systems use large amounts of energy that simply aren’t needed to gather the desired heating or cooling effect. These systems waste energy for absolutely no reason, damaging the environment as well as the homeowner’s pocketbook. Installing an energy efficient and approved HVAC system is a step towards protecting the environment, saving money and increasing the resale value of your home.

At Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning, our goal is customer satisfaction. We will provide any information to you regarding tax rebates on your heating and cooling system. Call Snyder today to learn what rebates are available to you!



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