If Your AC Is Running Constantly, It’s Time for an Inspection

If Your AC Is Running Constantly, It’s Time for an Inspection

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Ed Miller on Fri, May 31, 2019


With summer being the hottest time of the year, your home’s air conditioner will be running more often throughout the day. But if your air conditioner is running constantly, it’s a good idea to have it inspected as soon as possible. Why? Because a unit that runs constantly could:

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  • Quickly run up your electric bill
  • Be more prone to an expensive breakdown from wear and tear
  • Not be effectively cooling your home and making it uncomfortable.

Here are a few reasons why your AC unit could be running constantly.

AC Unit Needs Service

Regardless of the age of your air conditioner, it should be serviced by a professional annually. This service will uncover potential issues with air flow or worn parts that can cause problems. Regular maintenance will help ensure the efficient operation of your AC during the hot summer months.

Air Filter Could Be Dirty

One of the most common reasons for an air conditioner to seem like it’s running all the time is because its air filter is loaded up with dust, pet dander and other debris. When the filter is clogged, it reduces the amount of airflow going through the system’s air handler. It also makes the air handler work harder, which can cause your system to overheat. During the months that your air conditioner is in use, make sure to clean or replace your filters monthly to prevent this from happening.

AC Unit’s Coils Could Be Dirty

Your AC unit has two types of coils: condenser coils located in the outdoor component of your system and evaporator coils that are located within your system’s air handler. Condenser coils can become covered with dirt, grass clippings or even pet hair that can reduce air flow. Vegetation like weeds can also interfere with the unit’s operation. Unlike the condenser coils, evaporator coils are a little bit more difficult to see because their location. Dust and dirt can build up on them, especially if your system often runs with a dirty air filter. Both the condenser and evaporator coils should be inspected during annual maintenance to ensure proper airflow.

Thermostat May Not Be Working Properly

If the AC seems to be running constantly, it could that your thermostat is malfunctioning and not properly detecting the temperature in your home. You can test whether your thermostat is reading your home’s temperature correctly by placing a thermometer near it. After an hour or two, check to see if the temperatures match. Make sure that the thermostat is set to cool and try raising its set temperature to see if the unit shuts off. Try resetting the system by shutting power off to the unit by switching its circuit breaker to off and on again. If the temperatures don’t match between the thermometer and thermostat after resetting the thermostat/system, you may need a new thermostat.

AC Unit May Be Under- or Over-Sized

If an AC unit is too small, it will run continuously trying to keep up with the demand for cooler air in your home. This leads to extra wear and tear on the system. However, a unit that is too big can also be problematic because it won’t effectively remove moisture from the air in your home. It will run with shorter and more frequent cycles, use more electricity and leave your home feeling uncomfortable from the humid air it recycles throughout your home. What’s worse, the moisture in the air can make your home seem musty and could cause mold or mildew to develop.

Could It Be Time to Replace Your AC?

Like everything else, your home’s air conditioner has a limited lifespan. If it’s nearing the end of its lifespan, it could be running constantly to try to cool your home. In the long run, it could be less expensive to replace the unit with a new and more efficient one.

Whether you need service to determine why your Jacksonville home’s AC is running constantly, annual maintenance or its time replace your AC, Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help. Contact us today!




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