It’s Cold Upstairs! Heating and Air Tips for Two-Story Homes

It’s Cold Upstairs! Heating and Air Tips for Two-Story Homes

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Ed Miller on Sun, Dec 06, 2020

Staying cozy and comfortable while you relax at home is arguably one of the best parts of the winter season. In order to do so, you have to prepare your HVAC system. Jacksonville residents are typically very diligent about AC maintenance in the summer (likely because of how brutal the heat can be), but are not as quick to remember the same for their heaters once winter comes back around.

Winter preparations are even more important when you have a two-story home. You may notice a distinct temperature disparity between your floors in each extreme season. In some cases, it’s almost harder to stay warm on the second floor than it is to venture outside! The following simple tips are tried and true ways to help you maintain even temperature levels for each floor of your home.

Adjust Your Thermostat

While it may seem obvious, your thermostat is your first line of defense in keeping your upstairs toasty. Many people consider their thermostat to be a “set it and forget it” situation, but making minor adjustments will keep you the most comfortable. These adjustments become even easier to manage when you install a smart thermostat. You can nudge the temperature up or down from your smartphone in any location. A professional can install this handy gadget during routine heater or air conditioning maintenance.

Open Your Blinds or Curtains on the Sunny Side of Your Home

Let the sun shine in! Sunlight is nature’s best heater, and Florida residents have the best access to this free heating source. Just as you would close the curtains or draw blinds or shades during the summer, opening them in the winter can change the temperature in a room for the better. If you’re upstairs and feeling the chill, open some curtains or throw back the shutters. You can help warm up the area without touching the thermostat or calling for heating and air conditioning maintenance. Open eastern facing windows in the morning and western facing windows during the afternoon. Southern facing windows are a good all-day option during the winter.

Ensure Vents are Open and Unblocked

Got one room that is chillier than the rest of the house? Wish the living room were just a bit warmer? Check the vents to ensure that none of them have been closed by accident or blocked by a piece of furniture. Uneven temps may persist because your vents are unable to do the work that they need to do.

Drive Away Drafts by Air Sealing the Home

Maintaining a tight seal on windows and doors helps prevent drafts and keeps you warm during the winter. When door and window seals age, they may break down or cease to block outside air from gusting inside. A Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning professional can look over your seals when you schedule preventative heating or air conditioning maintenance, ensuring maximum energy savings and a comfortable home!

Maintain Proper Insulation Levels in Your Home

Persistent drafts and large temperature disparities between floors can also indicate a fundamental problem with the levels of insulation in your home. A heating and air conditioning professional can help you discover these issues and repair them, eliminating cold and hot spots during the winter and summer respectively.

Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning Professionals Can Help

If a chilly upstairs has you frustrated or you are looking to have your heating and air conditioning serviced in order to operate at peak efficiency this winter, Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Contact us today!

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