Learn 5 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Learn 5 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

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Ed Miller on Mon, Feb 18, 2013

With the high cost of keeping a home cool, and the non-ending heat waves that continue to make their way across the United States, many families are finding ways to increase the energy efficiency of their air-conditioning unit. The following five tips can help reduce the sizable amount of electricity used to run an air conditioner throughout the heat of the seemingly-endless summer. They include:

Adjusting Your Thermostat – Typically, families can remain comfortable during hot summer days when the indoor temperature is at 78°F. However, at nighttime, or when no one is at home, the temperature can be set slightly warmer. This one simple adjustment can help generate a 15% savings on monthly utility bills while still allowing the family to remain cool while at home. Cleaning and Changing the Air Filter – Whether you are keeping your home comfortable and cool using a room air conditioner, or central air, using a dirty filter inside the unit can quickly diminish its efficiency and cost substantially more to operate. Filters should be cleaned or change on a routine basis, between 2 to 3 months for dust-free homes, and even more often for houses that experience high levels of dust, dirt and airborne debris, including pet hair.

Performing Routine Maintenance – The efficiency of the A/C unit requires ongoing routine HVAC maintenance. All components must be kept in good working order, condensation drains must be free-flowing, and the refrigerant level must be maintained.

Cool Specific Rooms – Energy costs can be controlled by managing the use of the air-conditioning unit. For homes that have central air systems, close off air flow registers to rooms that are never used. Attempt to create the smallest cooled environment to reduce the amount of air-conditioning required for the home.

Purchasing an Energy Star Unit – When it is time for a central air conditioning replacement, efficiency should be the number factor to consider. An efficient Energy Star central air system will save over 14% on utility bills every month. Some units are designed to operate on 25% less energy than the standard.The heating and cooling unit is by far the biggest energy user in the home. Older systems have a lower SEER rating, making them far less efficient and requiring more energy to operate. The cost of running most heating and air-conditioning systems usually eat up nearly 45% of the entire utility bill every month. With an efficiently running A/C unit, and the above tips, you can lower the cost of keeping the home cool during the hot summer months.


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