Lower Heating Bills In The Winter

Lower Heating Bills In The Winter

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Ed Miller on Sun, Sep 30, 2012

We are all looking for ways to keep costs down. While there are some “wants” that we can cut out of our lives, we quickly note that there are some things that we just need to spend money on. For example, if you live in a place where cold weather reigns in the winter time, you are going to use your heater. Whether you live in a six-bedroom home or a one-bedroom apartment, you are no doubt going to look at your energy bill at the end of the month and shake your head at just how much a little bit of heat adds up. With this in mind, it is vital to do the little things that will help you lower your heating bills when the temperature drops in Jacksonville, Florida.

For us Floridians who are used to the warmer weather, a slight drop in the weather can feel more like 20-degrees outside. For some of us Jacksonville, Florida residents, there’s no way we’d go through a winter without our heater. With that said, one of the best ways to cut down on your heating costs is to wear a sweater and sweatpants when you are home. The warmer you are able to keep yourself in regards to the clothing you wear, the less you are going to have to use your heater. You don’t need to wear a parka to keep warm, just wear a simple sweater around the house. This way you can set your thermostat to 68 instead of 75, which can save you a surprising amount of money over the weeks. In addition, if you are still a little bit cold when you are watching television or lying in bed, reach for a couple extra blankets instead of a couple extra degrees.

In addition to the basic things that you can do to keep your energy costs down during the winter months, there are also some more “involved” things that you can do as well. For example, you can do things like checking your windows to make sure that they are properly weather sealed. If cold air can come in through improperly sealed windows and doors, it is going to cause you to turn the temperature up in your home. In addition, you can also replace any insulation that needs to be replaced, and paint over any exposed wood on the outside of your home. This may take a bit of investment (especially when it comes to getting new windows and doors), but it can save you a whole lot of money on your energy costs for years to come.

Another great way to lower heating costs is through a furnace and heating unit inspection. One of our specialized Jacksonville, Florida, technicians will be happy to provide an in-home inspection to ensure the proper steps are being taken to make for a more productive furnace. Don’t suffer through a painful winter when you can enjoy you r home with the help of Snyder Heating & Air.





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