Prepare your Home for the Winter

Prepare your Home for the Winter

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Ed Miller on Tue, Oct 25, 2011

The cold weather is upon and with it comes a necessary maintenance plan to ensure your Jacksonville, Florida home can handle the drop in temperatures. Fall is the ideal time to perform a heating tune-up so when you’re ready to turn up the heat, your system can handle it!

Your first step to ensure your heating system is ready for winter is to replace your air filter. A dirty air filter will make the equipment work harder which can damage the system and waste energy. Next, clear the area around your furnace. Storing items adjacent to your furnace creates a fire hazard and may block the combustion air supply. When combustion air supply is blocked, the risk for carbon monoxide increases.

Turn on your furnace and listen to any eerie sounds that may indicate a problem. Sniff around the area to ensure there aren’t any odd smells that could indicate burnt gears or rust.

Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you should neglect your air conditioner. Clear any debris from the outdoor unit, including leaves, grass clippings and other debris. Cover your outdoor unit next to keep it safe from the harsh weather and debris through the unit.

Lastly, and most importantly, contact the professionals at Snyder Heating and Air to complete your heating maintenance service. We’ll be happy to provide a thorough inspection, fix any issues the heating components may have, and offer a complete service so you stay comfortable through the holidays and beyond.

To schedule your heating service, contact our expert technicians today. Now is the best time to schedule an affordable, on-site heating service before the temperature dips any further.




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