Prevent a Thermostat War this Spring and Summer Season

Prevent a Thermostat War this Spring and Summer Season

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Ed Miller on Thu, Apr 27, 2017



A quality home cooling system isn’t a luxury in the Sunshine Stateit’s a necessity. You need to have a comfortable home environment where you can rest, relax and recharge to take on your day-to-day challenges, a place where, by the touch of a button, you can create the ideal degree of cool relief for you and your family.

However, one person’s idea of the perfect temperature could freeze out another. You may be walking around your home in shorts and a tank top, while your significant other is bundled up, looking like she is about to cross the arctic tundra. You’re sipping a frosted beverage, while your beloved is hugging a mug of hot cocoa with mittened hands.

Thermostat wars are a very real conflict among couples in the Jacksonville area. While typically an ongoing debate between men and women, thermostat wars can occur among anyone living in the same home. Partners, roommates, and family members attempt stealth maneuvers to control the temperature inside the home waiting until your back is turned to bump the temperature up or down and waging a battle for control of the thermostat.

Root Causes of Conflict:

So what causes these extreme differences in temperature preferences that provoke thermostat wars? For the most part, genetics play the key role in thermostat wars. For instance:

  • Women store body heat at their core. This means her extremities are not going to feel as warm and toasty as a man’s. Our extremities are what determines whether or not we are comfortable. The old adage “cold hands, warm heart” takes on a whole different meaning when you apply it to thermostat wars.
  • Men generally have a much higher metabolic rate than women do, so they naturally “run hot.” This also explains why men can skip that breakfast biscuit for a few days and immediately drop 10 pounds.

There may also be other physical reasons:

  • Heavier people may be more aware of uncomfortably warm temperatures, but conversely, if you have a higher BMI you may actually feel colder than your housemate. As extra fat insulates the core, those tell-tale extremities sense the cold.
  • If you’re a fitness junkie you’ll tend to be warmer due to improved blood flow.
  • Smoking can also contribute to your chilliness by constricting blood flow.
  • And we all know how hormones can impact your inner thermostat. Menopause and pregnancy can really mess with your comfort levels.

Brokering the Peace

Now you know: your spouse or housemate isn’t trying to make you crazy by constantly adjusting the thermostat. There are valid biological reasons for these ongoing thermostat wars, but thanks to modern innovations in home cooling systems there are options for forging a peace accord in your home.

A programmable thermostat can help promote peace in your home. You can compromise by setting the temperature a bit warmer in the daytime and cooler at night to aid in sleeping. A programmable thermostat is much more cost efficient as well.

Zoned HVAC systems are popular options for ending thermostat wars. You can create cooler zonessuch as the family room or great roomfor those in the family who like the chill, and not-so-frigid areas of the home for those who prefer it a bit warmer. A zoned home cooling system is also highly efficient and affordable.

It is possible to put an end to the thermostat wars in your home. Snyder Company Heating and Air Conditioning are your Jacksonville area home comfort experts. We can assist you in finding ways to keep your home comfortable for everyone. Contact Snyder Company today and call a truce in your home.

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