Program Your Way to Comfort and Savings

Program Your Way to Comfort and Savings

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Ed Miller on Wed, Jan 29, 2014



Controlling the heat and cool air that your HVAC system produces is incredibly important to the comfort of your family. Odds are pretty good that you use your air conditioning extensively during the hotter summer months while you depend on your heat in order to stay warm during the colder months of winter. In fact, you’ve probably found yourself or family members changing your thermostat in Jacksonville, FL on a regular basis in an attempt to establish your desired comfort level. While that is what a thermostat is for – turning on the heat or air conditioning in order to gain comfort – doing so also has an effect on your utility bills. You’ve probably noticed a correlation between the heavy use of your heating and cooling systems and a spike in your energy bills. Because of this, you should strongly consider installing a programmable thermostat. Installing a programmable thermostat in Jacksonville, FL will not only help you to lower your heating and cooling costs, it will also help to improve the comfort of your home. The following are just a few of the benefits that a programmable thermostat will provide to your home:

Saving Money on Your Energy Bills
So how exactly can a programmable thermostat save you money? It’s simple: it allows you to regulate changes in the home’s temperature by programming them to change automatically on your thermostat. Different programmable thermostats allow you different flexibility in terms of what you can program. Some programmable thermostats have settings that will run automatically for the entire week. Some allow you to program separate settings for the week and the weekend. There are even programmable thermostats available that let you program Saturday and Sunday separately.

This is helpful for a number of reasons. How often are you actually at home? If you’re like many families, then you may be out of the house during the day because you are at work, while the kids are off to school. If this is the case, then there’s no need to be cooling or heating your home – since no one is home. Households waste a huge amount of energy because of this. A programmable thermostat allows you to set your thermostat to automatically change to the most energy efficient setting at the time you leave your home. You can set the thermostat to return to your desired temperature level right before you or your kids return from work or school. The same can be done for when you go to bed, as you often don’t need the air conditioning to be cranked up all the way if you are under the covers. This ability to have your thermostat automatically change throughout the day will help you save a huge amount of energy, thereby helping you to drastically lower your energy bills.

Improve the Comfort of Your Home
Being able to set the thermostat to change to your desired settings throughout the day will have a huge effect on your comfort. If you have always been mindful of the energy you are using and tend to turn the air conditioning or heat off before you leave the home, then you know how uncomfortable it can be when you return. You’ll have to wait for your home to cool down or heat up, which is never instant. In fact, many homeowners will make the mistake of becoming impatient, resulting in them cranking the air conditioning or heating way up – thinking that doing so will make their home cool down or heat up faster. It won’t. Instead, you’ll waste energy making your home less comfortable in the other end of the spectrum, resulting in the need to adjust the temperature again, thereby wasting even more energy. By setting the programmable thermostat to automatically change to your desired temperature before you get home, you’ll be ensuring that your home is at your desired comfort level.

Improve your Eco-Friendliness
Investing in a programmable thermostat helps the environment in several ways. First of all, you’re helping to cut down on your use of energy, which means that right off the bat you are reducing your environmental footprint. Secondly, unlike many traditional thermostats, programmable thermostats do not use mercury. Mercury is a toxic substance that negatively affects the health of people as well as the environment and the wildlife contained within.

Anyone looking to live a greener lifestyle in addition to saving money on their energy bills and increasing the comfort of their homes should strongly consider investing in a programmable thermostat. The initial costs of a programmable thermostat in Jacksonville, FL are relatively affordable, and those costs tend to be covered with the amount of money you can save on your energy bills over the long term.



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