Purchasing and Installing a New Heating System

Purchasing and Installing a New Heating System

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Ed Miller on Fri, Nov 01, 2013

All household products with moving parts are subject to maintenance and eventual replacement, either in response to upgrades or unexpected operation. An air conditioning system is no exception, and quite arguably tops the list for the household product that needs preemptive attention as compared to other appliances and household systems. An AC (Air Conditioning) system is composed of modularized units for efficient operation, and therefore requires careful consideration when purchasing from AC companies in Jacksonville FL.

When Should You Consider Purchasing a New System?

When your existing system seems to require an increasing number of service sessions for proper operation, then it’s time to get a new system installed altogether. This is because maintenance is supposed to be periodic and consistent from a preventative perspective, too many repairs and replacements are a call for a new system. Most AC companies in Jacksonville FL would consider such a system as unsafe and bound for replacement, especially when the cost of running the existing system exceeds the cost of a new one plus accumulated energy savings in a designated period. In order to determine whether you should start getting your estimates in, consider analyzing the energy consumption of your home, check your natural gas bills and request for an audit from your local utility providers. This should give you an objective perspective on this decision.

What fuels Your AC?

Before you head out to your local AC companies in Jacksonville FL, consider that Utility Gas is the most common fuel in the region. This could be factored by fuel availability, cost of supply and preference. It would be prudent to work with what’s commonly used. Electricity is the second most common energy source for heating. Based on these facts, you can make an informed choice on what will work for your home. You do not have to use the same source of fuel as your old system; current data should increase your home energy efficiency by adopting new technologies and the most recommended fuel for your region.

Who will get it for you?

It sounds like a hard choice when selecting the right AC companies in Jacksonville FL to do the job, you may want to consider:

  • Making sure that Workmanship is covered, as well as a contractor who will supply all the materials
  • Getting more information on a contractors warranty
  • Making sure that all the professionals who will do the job are licensed
  • Asking your colleagues, friends and family who they would recommend

Brand Preference

Sometimes the label on the AC carries a lot of weight. You probably have a better shot of support by working with a locally produced and supported brand, though it may be hard to determine which brand has the best support in the region, again, your friends, colleagues and family may come in handy when making this choice.


This is definitely a deal breaker, but don’t go cheap on an AC system, it would be better to delay the installation and save up for a better system rather than installing one that gives you low efficiency and will probably need repairs sooner  than later.

  • Look for an ‘Energy Star’ label on every brand you select so that you do not sacrifice efficiency over cost
  • Check the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating for the AC system you select for more objective reviews on efficiency and value

What about Features and Specifications?

A good system gives you better options for operation and efficiency by packaging extra features and specifications. Make sure you check and compare products for:

  • The type of burner and stages of heating
  • Controls, ease of operation
  • Venting – gravity, power vented, etc.
  • Heat Exchanger – Materials and Construction
  • Noise
  • Blower Speeds
  • Ignition
  • AFUE ratings
  • Warranty

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