Safety Tips to Consider This Winter

Safety Tips to Consider This Winter

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Everyone here at Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning wishes you a very happy holiday season. Our specialty lies with air conditioning units Jacksonville FL. However, we have researched and gathered a few safety tips to help keep you and your family safe this winter.


In an emergency, you may be required to turn off the electricity to your whole house. Learn now the location of your main electrical panel. You do not want to spend precious minutes that could potentially save a life or your home in search of it. Practice how to turn off the main electric switch. Before doing so, shut down sensitive equipment, computers, refrigerators (wait for cycling to stop), etc., prior to flipping the main switch. However, during an emergency, go straight to the switch and pull it down.

Also, become acquainted with your fuse box. It is imperative that fuses be replaced with the correct amperage. Never replace a low amperage fuse with a higher one. It will cause a fire. When a fuse blows, turn off the main electric switch prior to removing and replacing the fuse. Please note: you cannot repair a fuse, only replace it.

With extra visitors, be aware of how many extra heaters that are placed in bedrooms, to avoid overworking your electrical circuits. You should also know about your circuit breakers, how to reset them and what appliances are on each circuit. Should a breaker keep popping, check each appliance individually on that circuit. If a breaker keeps tripping and you cannot figure out why, it is best to call an electrician. Electricity is powerful and deadly. The Electrical Safety Foundation International states that over 30 thousand people are involved in shock accidents each year. They add that nearly seven kids a day each year sustain burns or shocks from wall outlets. When young children visit, use outlet and outlet plug safety covers.

Holiday Lights

A large number of folks end up in the emergency room each year from falling off a roof, falling off ladders and experiencing shocks. It is best to thoughtfully time your sessions for hanging your lights. Avoid doing so when rain or snow is falling. Do not overreach while on the roof or ladder. Serious injuries are incurred when falling off a roof.

Set up ladders only a solid, flat surfaces. Ice, snow and ladders do not play well together. Never stand on the uppermost step of a ladder, as you may easily become unbalanced. When on the upper portion, do no lean very far. You can fall and break a bone.

Air Conditioning Units Jacksonville FL

During the holidays, please consider the safety of your air conditioning and heating units as well. Remember the simple maintenance of checking the filter, which is the most common reason for a system failure of air conditioning units Jacksonville FL.

When cooking, you may wish to simply open a window or door to let out some heat. Refrain from doing so and instead lower the temperature at the thermostat for a while, as letting cold air from the outside will cause your heater to work harder.


According to the US Fire Administration, nearly one thousand people die each year during the winter months from house fires. These fires are usually caused while cooking.

Fires are also caused by clothes dryers, when vents are filled with lint. Because the lint is so light and fluffy, it easily can burst into flame. You probably use your dryer more during the winter months, causing lint buildup more quickly. Empty the lint catch more often, and check the hose to ensure it is clear.

As for extension cords, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has advised that over three thousand fires begin in homes by those that are faulty. Check the cords before use and look for splits or burned marks. Never string two or more extension cords together, as they overheat and begin burning. Check smoke alarms and replace old batteries.

Scalding Water

The Electrical Safety Foundation International advises that nearly a quarter of all the children sent to the emergency room with scalding burns are from tap water. More children die from tap water scalding incidents than burns sustained from any other hot liquids.

Emergency Help With Air Conditioning Units Jacksonville FL

Should your heating system experience a failure or not perform as it should, you can count on Snyder Heat & Air Conditioning. We understand the need for quick service when something goes wrong, especially during the holidays. If your air conditioning unit Jacksonville FL stops working contact us any time, night or day. We have been leading the industry in the Jacksonville area for over three decades. Since we install, service and maintain equipment, we know it all.

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