Save Money This Holiday Season With These HVAC Tricks

Save Money This Holiday Season With These HVAC Tricks

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Ed Miller on Wed, Dec 21, 2016



Even though most Floridians are used to high summer temperatures, they look forward to the cooler temperatures that fall brings. Though it may not get as cold as other states, Florida’s cooler weather definitely brings the feel of the holidays. For most of us, that chill in the air gives us a good reason to turn our heaters back on for a few months. This means it is time to rethink energy saving techniques to carry us through the cooler winter months.

There are several things that can be done to help save energy during the winter months. Running a central heating unit can cause an impact on our energy costs. We have gathered several great tips that will help you to save money on your fall and winter heating costs.

Test Your Heating System

There are several things that can interfere with your heating unit working properly. This is why we recommend that you turn it on and let it run for a period of time before you really need it. If there are any problems with your thermostat or heating unit, you will have an opportunity to get it repaired before the colder days approach. Since you haven’t ran your heating unit for several months, don’t be alarmed at the burning smell that begins when you turn it on, that is typical of units that have sat unused for a period of time.

Be Sure to Adjust Your Thermostat

One way to save money on winter heating costs is to stay on top of your thermostat settings. When you are away from your home, and during your sleep hours, turning your thermostat down 15° can help you save up to 10% on your heating costs, according to Another thing that is recommended is to install a modern programmable thermostat. Newer thermostats are designed with energy savings in mind and make programming super easy. Some brands even offer the ability to adjust your thermostat using your smart phone.


Search for Leaking Window and Door Seals

Sometimes due to wear and tear, the seals around our doors and windows can break down and leak air. This can cause drafty breezes, and becomes a source for heat loss during colder months. It is wise to replace or repair any leaking seals by caulking, and/or adding weatherstripping to help save energy and cut winter heating costs.


Cover Windows

Another way to cut heating costs is to hang curtains that have thermal panels in them to prevent your ambient temperatures from being lowered by frigid outdoor temperatures. These curtains are effective for windows that do not let a lot of sunlight in.  In some cases, adding plastic over the outside of windows can also help to save energy according to

For windows that are exposed to winter sun, you may want to open the curtains or adjust your blinds to let the warm sunlight in. Those who have pets will likely find their furry friends relaxing in the warm sunlight coming through these windows.


Heating System Maintenance

As most homeowners know, providing routine maintenance to their heating and air conditioning unit can help them preserve their unit, and prevent costly repairs. We recommend that our clients change their air filters regularly and have their unit serviced before each season to keep their unit in tip top shape. To schedule a maintenance visit, contact Snyder Heating & Air today.




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