Simple Steps to Save Money on Your Power Bill

Simple Steps to Save Money on Your Power Bill

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Ed Miller on Mon, Feb 17, 2017

Already dreading your next utility billing cycle? With a few simple steps, you can prevent power bill shock. Give these easy tips a try and watch your bill shrink!


  • Headed out for the day? Going to dinner and a concert tomorrow night? Turn your thermostat down before you leave and save a few dollars. Even though it may be nice to return to an already comfortable home, it is also nice to have a little more room in the budget. If you really enjoy having your home at your preferred temperature when you come back, a smart or programmable thermostat may be for you.
  • Speaking of smart thermostats, did you know they can really help bring down your power bill? They can learn what temperatures you prefer at what times of the day, then gradually and automatically adjust your home’s temperature in a way that maintains comfort while saving money. You can also access them from your smartphone, thus allowing you to adjust temps remotely.
  • Set your thermostat to temperatures that will give your heating and cooling system a break. During the summer, aim for 78 degrees. This temperature might seem warm, but it helps prevent heat from seeping into your home and keeps your bills lower. During the winter, 68 degrees is a great temperature to maintain.
  • Use alternate means to keep yourself comfortable. Dress for the season, even inside, so you do not need to adjust the thermostat and raise your power bill. Close your window treatments for added protection against the outside temperature. During the summer, fans and dehumidifiers can help you keep cool. Also, consider a chilly treat to keep your body temperature down, and stay hydrated. During the winter, extra layers of clothes, blankets, toasty socks, and hot drinks are a great way to keep warm!

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