Simple Tricks to Keep Cool

Simple Tricks to Keep Cool

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Ed Miller on Mon, Mar 20, 2017



With summer temperatures looming not too far away on the horizon and the mercury already on the rise, Jacksonville residents have begun to consider how they’ll keep cool when the warm season hits. Even though spring has hardly sprung and people are loving the gorgeous weather, it’s important to begin preparations for the heat.

Starting now allows for plenty of time to get your air conditioning in top shape!

Some of the best ways to keep cool don’t involve your air conditioning at all. Others help your HVAC system work for you more efficiently. Get started with your plans to keep your home at comfortable temperatures now, and you can save money from the first day you turn the system to “cool”.

Use your window coverings wisely. A room full of sunlight can brighten even the darkest mood. Yet that mood can turn sour when the electricity bill arrives. Sunshine through the windows can dramatically raise the temperature of your home, so close your blinds or draw your curtains during the hottest hours of the day. This will help keep the air inside your home cool without taxing your air conditioner.

Utilize fans to keep air moving. A breeze can help you feel cool without dropping the temperature of the air around you. Keep the air moving with fans indoors or even on your porch for an immediate sense of relief from the heat. When you feel cool, you won’t be tempted to lower the thermostat and raise your utility bill.

Consider a programmable thermostat. If you’ve ever forgotten to adjust the thermostat before you leave home, or you’ve been reluctant to do so because you like your house to be cool when you get home, a programmable thermostat can be your new best friend. These terrific little pieces of technology can automatically raise the temperature during your work hours, then lower it in time to cool off before you arrive. More advanced models can be activated from your smartphone, or will automatically learn your patterns and take care of your temperature for you.

Take your cues from the thermometer outside. It’s easy to fall into the pattern of allowing the thermostat to do its work come rain or shine. Yet you can save on your utility bills by taking a glance at the outdoor thermometer and opening the doors on nice days. When Mother Nature is doing the work for you, why spend the money to climate control the indoors when you can let the outside air do the trick?

Check for open doors and windows. It doesn’t pay to run your air-conditioning if all the cold air will just escape outside. Once a day, walk through your home to check for places where cold air can escape. A forgotten open window can make your air conditioner work harder for no reason at all.

For the best way to keep cool this summer, have Snyder Heating & Air perform routine maintenance before the summer temperatures arrive. A simple tune up on your HVAC system can save both money and hassles when the temperatures start to soar!

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