Snyder and First Coast No More Homeless Pets Team Up for a 2nd Summer

Snyder and First Coast No More Homeless Pets Team Up for a 2nd Summer

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Ed Miller on Wed, Jul 20, 2016

The mercury is riding high as the summer sun shines down on Jacksonville! Scorching seasonal temperatures are here to stay, and everyone is feeling the heat, humans and our four-legged friends alike. Our pets are just as susceptible to the dangers of hot weather as we are, so it’s important to watch out for the health of our pets and take steps to keep them safe from the heat.

Not all pets are lucky enough to have cool homes and loving owners who look out for them. That’s why Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning has teamed up with First Coast No More Homeless Pets for a second year to help animals in need! Help us raise money and awareness by posting pictures of your pet staying cool this summer. Tag it with the hashtag #mypetiscool, and we’ll donate $1 to help further First Coast’s mission to end needless euthanasia of pets in our community.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets combines a host of much-needed services, such as affordable spay/neuter services, pet retention help, and adoption initiatives to assist those in need with keeping their pets. Their efforts ease the pressure on local animal shelters to house or put down homeless pets.

Keeping Pets Healthy in the Summer Heat

With Florida’s gorgeous summer weather, many flee to the great outdoors for long days of fun in the sun. Humans know how to keep themselves cool, but pets often have a more difficult time maintaining a healthy temperature. Summertime also presents specific hazards that may harm pets if their owners aren’t aware. Consider these tips as you enjoy the season:

  • Never leave your pet in a car! Not even for a few minutes. Not even with the window cracked. Vehicle interiors reach unsafe temperatures more quickly than you may think. Your pet can suffer organ failure and die more quickly in a vehicle than you’d think. If you can’t take your pet inside at your destination, leave him at home.
  • Take care while giving your pet exercise in the summer. Try to limit exercise during the hottest hours, instead choosing to do so during the morning or evening. Asphalt and concrete can become unbearably hot on paws, so try to walk your dog on grass instead. Always bring water during exercise times.
  • Be certain your pet always has fresh water available. Inside or outside, but especially outside, your pets need water to keep themselves hydrated in the high temperatures.
  • Bring your pets inside. The temperatures outside can be harmful to your outdoor pets. If your pet must be outside, provide ample shade in a well-ventilated area, such as a porch. Ice in the water bowl can help cool your pets as well, but be careful not to overwater your pet, as it can put them at risk of harmful bloating.
  • High humidity may overheat dogs. Dogs pant to keep themselves cool. This evaporates moisture from their lungs and helps keep their temperatures down. Humidity prevents them from cooling themselves properly. On humid days, it is even more important to keep the ambient temperatures around them controlled.
  • Don’t count on a fan to keep them cool. Pets do not cool themselves in the same manner humans do. While a breeze helps us to regulate our temperatures, it does very little for our furry friends.

Talk Up How #MyPetIsCool and Help Homeless Pets

We know our pets are cool. How about yours? Show off your best four-legged buddy and help another pet stay healthy by tagging your photo #mypetiscool. We’ll donate $1 to First Coast No More Homeless Pets when you do! If you and your pets are warmer than you want to be, give the experts at Snyder Heating and Cooling a call for a professional HVAC estimate!








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