Snyder Heating and Air’s Most Efficient Systems

Snyder Heating and Air’s Most Efficient Systems

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Ed Miller on Tue, Sep 17, 2013

Jacksonville FL residents are fortunate to have one of the state’s finest heating and air conditioning companies in their backyard; Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning has been a leader in the industry for over forty years. Unlike other A/C providers, this company maintains a fully equipped and staffed showroom for the convenience of their customers. The unique arrangement provides customers with the opportunity to compare the leading brands of the industry face to face.

Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning has worked with each of these top-rated manufacturers through the course of A/C installation in Jacksonville and beyond. They realize that each company has features and benefits that might be better suited for a particular application. With access to each of these lines, and after discussing your specific needs, Snyder can help you make the best choice between Amana, Carrier, Lennox, Trane and York. For your information, SEER ratings discussed here refers to “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” This presents you with the best of all worlds. Let’s have a look at each company.


Amana has long been known for the quality of their line. Their strength lies in their warranty which covers critical compressors with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty while other parts are covered by a 10 year plan. Amana units range from 13 to 18 SEER.



York offers a broad array of systems designed to accommodate every budget. Those choices include the economical Latitude Series, the innovative LX series and the ultra-high efficiency Affinity Series.

Latitude line:

  • Energy Star qualified
  • Bears a 13 SEER rating
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Micro Channel Technology allows for a smaller outdoor footprint

LX line:

  • 14.5 SEER rating
  • Favorable Energy star numbers
  • 10 year limited compressor warranty


  • 13-18 SEER rating
  • Includes Energy Star
  • 15-25% more efficient and much quieter than other York models
  • 10 year compressor warranty


Carrier, with its 100+ years of industry experience, offers 11 models ranging from 13 to 21 SEER. At the high end is the Ultra High Efficiency Performance Infinity, followed by the Performance Models and down to the Comfort series. All Carrier units are known for their quiet performance, ranging from 66 decibels for the top of the line to a still impressive 72-76 decibels for the budget series.


This long time manufacturer completely covers its all-aluminum Spine Fin coils and encases their A/C units in weather resistant, louvered panels. Trane units run very efficiently and are less like to corrode than A/C units with copper coils. Units are available with SEER ratings from 13-25.


Lennox has earned a favorable reputation for their very dependable, efficient furnaces. A major reason for their appeal is their exclusive 20 year warranty on heat exchangers on their furnaces.
They offer 3 versions of A/C units with SEER ratings of 13 – 25. Warranties vary accordingly:

  • 10-year parts and 10-year compressor warranty on the Signature
  • 5-year parts and a 10-year compressor warranty on the Elite
  • 5-year parts and 5-year compressor warranty on the budget priced Merit

As you can see, the choice can be difficult. That’s why it is so important to rely on a competent company like Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning. Snyder is the company to rely on for A/C installation in Jacksonville. We will guide you in the right direction on your choice of systems, taking into account all your requirements, including your budget. We will be there to install and service your system. Snyder will provide you with around the clock service.

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