The Importance of a Maintenance Plan

The Importance of a Maintenance Plan

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Ed Miller on Tue, Sep 10, 2013

Air conditioners are something that we really appreciate but forget about when it comes to maintenance. Because the units are usually behind closed doors in the hallway or outside of the house it’s easy for people to forget about them. But when the hot days arrive and you turn on the air conditioning and nothing happens you will definitely remember where that unit is and be concerned. Preventative air conditioning maintenance in Jacksonville FL can help you keep your air conditioner in top shape and ready for use whenever you need it. Taking care of your air conditioner is not that difficult as long as you have a plan.

The Value of a Maintenance Plan


A central air conditioning unit is an expensive appliance and just like everything else that is mechanical it needs to be cared for on a regular basis. Most units are very reliable and they rarely ever need major work done, and since they aren’t used every day of the year problems might not be detected early. If you create a maintenance plan that involves you and a trained air conditioning technician then surprising problems won’t come up and costly repairs will be avoided.

What can the Homeowner Do?

While ac units do require air conditioning Jacksonville technicians for a lot of the work, there are things the homeowner can do. First, unplug the air conditioning before you go looking around in the equipment. Then open up the area where the central air is located and with a flashlight look around at the equipment. Look for cracks in the hoses, leaks, dried fluid on the sides of the unit, and the cleanliness of the unit. Look at the electrical cord to make sure it isn’t frayed or kinked. If you notice any of the problems mentioned then call an air conditioning technician. Most of these items are something that they should deal with since they might need to be replaced and may contain coolant or carry electricity. You may wipe down the unit as long as you don’t excessively disturb the hoses or wires.

Next you can inspect the outside unit. This is where the compressor is located and it’s where the weather has the most effect on the unit. Look for anything that may have slipped in between the fins and could be blocking the fan. Clean up the outside of the units and make sure nothing is clogging the fins. Clear out any large amounts of grass, weeds, or bushes that may have grown up around the unit. Also look for the drainage tube from the condenser from inside and see that nothing is clogging or blocking the opening to prevent drainage.

What the Air Conditioning Technician will Do

Once you have done your part of the preventative air conditioning maintenance in Jacksonville, you can call in the trained technician. A more thorough inspection will be done to the inside of the unit to check for the stability of the inside components and see if they are showing signs for replacement. An inspection of the compressor, blower, and evaporator coil will be completed. Any cracked or broken lines will be replaced or repaired and the electrical supply will be checked for safety. Outside, the compressor and condenser unit will be inspected and tested for their reliability and the delivery lines to the inside of the house will also be checked. Finally, the technician will charge your system with coolant so it is ready for immediate use when the heat starts to rise.

When to Schedule Maintenance

Air conditioning companies are busiest during the summer. Once it starts to get hot and people go turn on the air conditioning only to discover it doesn’t work, they start calling air conditioning companies and schedules fill up fast. The best time to tend to your air conditioning is during the slow times of the season. Schedule maintenance for early spring and then again at the end of the summer when things are slowing down for companies. Early spring maintenance allows you to get your unit ready for the summer and late summer maintenance lets you repair it after its heavy use during the summer.

With a little planning and teaming up with Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning, preventative air conditioning maintenance in Jacksonville is easy and will give you peace of mind for the upcoming summer. Call us today to schedule your maintenance appointment or click here to schedule your appointment online.



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