Tips to Conserve Energy and Save Money

Tips to Conserve Energy and Save Money

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Ed Miller on Tue, Jan 16, 2018


Saving on energy bills may seem a formidable challenge, but to reduce energy consumption, did you know that making a few small changes can add up to large overall energy savings? Check out these easy, energy-saving tips to help you save on bills without sacrificing comfort:

  1. Temperature: During the winter, keep your heat to a maximum of 68 degrees, and lower it when you leave your home. Likewise, during the summer, keep your thermostat at 78 degrees with the fan set to auto. Raise the thermostat even higher when you are away for long periods of time. Using a programmable thermostat can be a huge help when it comes to saving energy. Make sure you clean your air conditioner filter regularly for maximised efficiency.
  2. Ceiling fans: If you can help it, try to use ceiling fans instead of your air conditioner to keep cool. Using the two together means you don’t have to run your heating and cooling unit as hard. Also, turn off the ceiling fan if you are leaving that room for any length of time.
  3. Light bright: Only turn on lights in a room when you need them, and turn them off when you leave. Try to use as much natural light as possible when reading.
  4. Food: Don’t over-cook your food. Run your refrigerator between 37 and 40 degrees. A suggested freezer temperature is 5 degrees. Also keep both the fridge and freezer full for better cooling efficiency.
  5. Cooking: The oven is great for roasting and baking, but not great when it comes to cooling your home in the summer. During peak summer months, try to use a barbeque instead of the oven. For smaller meals, be sure to cook using the smallest burner on the stove, as using an oversized pan and burner for a smaller meal can waste energy and money.
  6. Laundry: Always match the water level of your washing machine to the size of your load. Use cold water both for washing and rinsing. Removing laundry from the dryer before it is fully dry can help save on energy bills and make them easier to iron. When you use your dryer, clean out the lint filter so that your clothes dry faster. Also, if your dryer has an auto sensor function, use it to avoid over-drying your clothes and letting the dryer run for longer than necessary.
  7. Water time: Your water heater can be another source of energy savings. The default temperature setting from most water heater manufacturers is 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is probably what yours is set to if you’ve never adjusted it. The Department of Energy recommends setting a tankless water heater at 120 degrees, not only for conserving energy but also for safety: Hot water from a tank-based water heater set at 140 degrees could scald you or family member.
  8. Showering: Take showers instead of baths and minimize the length of your showers. Replace old or high-flow shower heads with low-flow water-efficient ones.
  9. Pool time: If you have a pool, limit the time that your pump runs for extra savings. As a guideline, aim for six hours a day in the summer and four hours in the winter.
  10. Devices: Keeping devices plugged in will slowly but surely add to your energy costs. Unplug items such as mobile phone chargers, computers, and even your television and clocks if you will be away for longer periods.
  11. Entertainment: Video game consoles use more power when used for non-gaming purposes like watching DVDs/Blu-rays. Use a stand-alone DVD or Blu-ray player rather than a game console to save money on your electric bill.

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