Top AC Issues and How to Address Them

Top AC Issues and How to Address Them

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There are a number of issues you can have with your air conditioning unit, but no one likes to call out for repairs if they can avoid it. Today, we’ll discuss some common reasons your air conditioning unit isn’t doing as well as it ought to, some simple repairs or solutions you can try yourself, and advice about when it’s time to call in the experts for AC repair in Jacksonville to avoid damaging your AC system!

The temperatures from the unit are not even.

Your living room is perfect, but your bedroom is too hot to handle – and we’re not talking about your love life! Inconsistent cooling can be a common issue with central A/C units, but they often require just the simplest repairs. Here are some ideas to try before calling for AC repair in Jacksonville:

  • Has something blocked the airflow from your vents? Removing a couple of screws and the vent plate will make it easier to inspect the system for dust, lint or foreign objects. Using a flashlight and mirror makes it much easier for you to see a little way into the system as well.
  • Solar heating works! In your south facing windows, you may have an excessive heat gain that’s throwing your system off or making it hard to keep up. Installing insulating window treatments not only keeps the sun out, it will lower your electric bill and remove a load from your A/C unit as well!
  • Have you changed your air filter lately? A new air filter not only removes dust and allergens from your home, it also allows your A/C unit to run more easily and at peak efficiency.
  • Have you cleaned your coils lately? Much like refrigerator coils, the coils on your A/C unit also require regular cleaning to dump heat in the most effective and efficient fashion. A nylon brush or brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner will help clean them up in no time and will help your system give you the cooling you need!

The unit cycles off and on repeatedly.

If your system isn’t sized correctly to your household needs, it can cause short cycling. Unfortunately, size isn’t a one-size-fits-all determination, and what works at your friend’s house may not work at yours. A service professional can help you determine what your needs are based on your preferences, your household activity, the size of your home, how your home is used, any microclimates around it (think: direct sunshine or heavy shade) and your home’s location.

Another possible culprit is your electrical service. A bad thermostat or one with bad batteries or control board issues can send your A/C unit mixed messages. This in turn can cause it to switch off and on rapidly, frustrating you and doing your system no good.

Regardless of the cause, short cycling causes severe wear and tear on your compressor and keeps the unit from properly dehumidifying your air. This is one warning sign you don’t want to ignore – it’s time to call for AC repair in Jacksonville!

The condensation coils keep freezing up.

There are a few different causes of freeze up on your condensation coils. Restricted air flow or dirty coils are common culprits, but are easily fixed by changing out the filter or giving the coils a good cleaning. Give these solutions a shot, but if they don’t work, you’ll want to call a professional to check the coolant levels in your system. Low coolant levels can cause freeze up, and may be a symptom of a more serious problem such as a leak in the system that needs repair. Continuing to run your system after it freezes up or if it does so on a regular basis can cause problems down the road including putting an excessive load on the system, so it’s better to be safe than sorry by calling for AC repair Jacksonville.

These are some simple solutions that can help save you from having a service professional out for a repair that’s in the realm of the average DIY-er. If after making these adjustments you find that the unit is continuing to have the same problems, it’s time to have a professional out. The experts at Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning will give you a free estimate on repairs or on updating your A/C equipment, are Better Business Bureau A+ rated and have excellent reviews with Angie’s List and Customer Lobby. Contact them today to get your system working at top levels – they are your source for AC repair in Jacksonville!

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