What Information Do I Need to Register Carrier Equipment?

register carrier equipment

What Information Do I Need to Register Carrier Equipment?

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Ed Miller on Thu, Dec 06, 2012

When registering your new AC unit, you will need to provide the manufacturer with your name, address, date of purchase, date of installation, serial number, and model number. It is important to register it as quickly as possible in case of any recall on your unit.

Now that you have purchased your brand new air conditioner, and it is been installed, it most likely has a warranty from the manufacturer the needs to be registered. It is essential to take advantage of the warranty in case anything goes wrong with the unit in the future. You will need to register your new unit with the manufacturer so they know how to contact you in the event of a recall.

Typically, your licensed, bonded HVAC contractor leaves a packet of information concerning the operation and installation of your new air-conditioning unit. Inside the packet you will find the warranty details. Usually, manufactures allow numerous ways to register their unit and activate the warranty.

Reviewing the Warranty

To register the warranty, you will need all the documents pertaining to the unit. It might include the make, model, and year of your new air-conditioning unit, along with its serial number and the date of its manufacture.

Registering Your New Carrier Equipment

You most likely will be offered the option to mail in the registration. Simply fill out the card, apply a stamp, and send it in. However, you most likely have an alternative method by using the manufacturer’s website to quickly register your new unit. Look on the warranty card for any listed URL, or the website address of the manufacturer. If you cannot locate it, simply perform an online search and type in the manufacturer’s name, along with the model of your unit.

Once you reach the website of the manufacturer and click on their registration page, you will likely need to enter your name, address, and the date of installation. If you purchased the unit on your own, you will likely need to include where the purchase was made. The manufacturer will also require the model number and serial number of the unit.

Recall Information

Every now and then, manufacturers realize they have manufactured a product with the defect that needs to be recalled. By registering your unit, you will be covered under its warranty for the expressed number of years provided in the warranty details. By having it registered you will receive all pertinent information concerning recalls and other data.

It is essential to register the warranty on your new AC unit as quickly as possible to ensure the manufacturer knows who is in possession of that particular model with its unique serial number. The number of your heating unit and air conditioner contractor will be on the paperwork provided by the contractor that installed your unit.

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