What Is Energy Star?

What Is Energy Star?

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Ed Miller on Mon, Oct 15, 2012

Now more than ever, the world needs ways to reduce excess power consumption. Wasteful energy use leads to a number of problems, from skyrocketing power bills to higher demands on the power grid and more pollution through energy generation. For consumers concerned about the health of their wallet and protecting the environment, there are options. One of the best solutions is to ensure that you choose Energy Star-certified equipment and electronics. What is Energy Star and why should you care? What Does Energy Star Certification Mean?

Well, take a quick look around the electronics department the next time you visit your local “big box” store. You’ll see HDTVs touting their Energy Star certification. A look at the appliance department of any home improvement store will show you the same thing. Everywhere you look, there are more and more appliances and electronics proclaiming that they operate in accordance with Energy Star requirements. For consumers, that certification is a very good thing.

Energy Star certification means that the equipment so certified meets a certain set of minimum criteria, including:

    • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
    • Reduced electricity consumption without impacting performance levels
    • Lower energy use and higher performance are measurable
    • According to the US federal government, the Energy Star program has allowed consumers to save $18 billion on utility bills in a single year (across the nation).
    • The Benefits of Energy Star Certification for your HVAC System
    • When it comes to power usage in the home, nothing comes close to your HVAC system. In fact, most government sources indicate that almost 50% of your power bill is a direct result of heating and cooling your home. Obviously, it makes sense to invest in an HVAC system capable of reducing your costs, but you need to ensure you can do that without reducing your ability to live comfortably.
    • Energy Star-certified systems are the ideal way to do just that. You’ll find that Trane as well as a number of other top US brands offer Energy Star-approved systems for residential use, giving you the ability to cut down on how much you shell out to the electric company over the course of a year while still being able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home year round.
    The Energy Star program is very important, and the results speak for themselves. If you want to save some green while greening up the planet and not sacrificing your own comfort, an Energy Star-certified HVAC system is the way to go.




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