What Signs Indicate It Is Time for a Service Call?

What Signs Indicate It Is Time for a Service Call?

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Ed Miller on Mon, Feb 25, 2013

There are specific signs and can happen with your central air conditioning unit that can only be repaired using a competent, licensed heating and cooling technician. Usually, if there have been no problems with the HVAC system, routine maintenance is usually all that is necessary to keep it operating efficiently. However, many of the troubleshooting signs that indicate it is time for a service call from a licensed technician include:

No Cool Air – On hot days when the A/C system will not produce cool air, it is usually an indication that it is low on refrigerant, or requires cleaning. With regular preventative air-conditioning maintenance, low refrigerant can be avoided.

Will Not Run – Sometimes the circuit breakers trip or fuses break and instantly stop the function of the A/C unit. However, this may be a sign of something drastically wrong with the HVAC system. Other times, the problem can simply be a broken thermostat. If the circuit breaker has been tripped, reset it. If the unit turns off again, it is time to consult with a licensed HVAC professional.

Hot Then Cold – Anytime the air-conditioning/heating system swings back and forth in temperature from hot to cold, there may be issues with the heat-pump cycle. Other causes might be a thermostat set in the wrong location, or improper thermostat calibration. Both the heat pump cycle problem and the improper calibration of the thermostat require the skills of a licensed professional to correct both concerns.

Loud Noises – Loud rumbling or scraping noises in the air handler, evaporator coils, condensing unit or compressor require the skills of a licensed HVAC professional to evaluate and repair the problem. Specific causes of the noise might be a result of damaged bearings in the blower, a loose belt, a compressor about to blow or other moving parts generating the sound. Sometimes the noise can be a result of expanding and contracting duct work that can be remedied by adding insulation around the ducts to abate the sound.

Performing the Repairs

Like any other mechanical device you use, there will be times when it is not functioning properly. Wear and tear, improper maintenance, and other scenarios can cause the HVAC system to not operate efficiently. In times like this, it is important to call on a license, service HVAC repairman to assess the problem and perform the repairs.

Frequent air conditioning repair problems often require routine maintenance on a semi-annual basis. Other more critical issues might require full replacement of the unit.



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