What To Do With Your Old HVAC Unit

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What To Do With Your Old HVAC Unit

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Ed Miller on Mon, Feb 09, 2015

It is important that we all be mindful of how our behavior may impact the lives of others. We collectively are learning new ways of improving how we do things that everyone previously took for granted. Making the effort to donate old furniture, clothing and other items to thrifts stores may take more time than just putting it in the trash. However, it is worth doing to reduce wasting usable items and to benefit the lives of other people by providing them an option to purchase a needed item they may not otherwise be able to afford. There are also several options for proper recycling and responsible disposal of your old HVAC unit when you have replaced it with a new, more energy-efficient model.

Our policy

At Snyder Heating and Air, when we install a new HVAC unit, we haul the old unit away from the house. Some companies leave them behind and it is the homeowner’s responsibility. Then we have North Florida Scrap Metal haul them away to recycle them. We reclaim the refrigerant out of the system because they have ozone depleting chemicals in them. Mostly R22 refrigerant. After we reclaim the refrigerant we sell it to a company called Rapid Recovery who then has it sent off for cleaning and then it is resold.


There are some thrift stores and charities that specialize in building materials and home improvement items. You can call a few to see if they accept HVAC units. They may require you to make arrangements for delivery to them. Some people like using services like Craigslist to run a free ad offering items they no longer need for free to anyone who may have some use for it. Another option is to ask your friends if they need it and deal only with charities or individuals you know are trustworthy.

HVAC Recycle

There are some scrap metal dealers that would love to have your old HVAC unit. You may also check for recycling facilities in your area that accept large items like generators, chillers, and industrial or residential heating and cooling equipment. When they specialize in large items, they may charge a fee to properly recycle smaller items like residential HVAC units. They are also likely to want you to deliver it to their location. It is worth calling to find out their policy. They are able to separate out the aluminum, tin and any usable electronic motor components. Be sure to ask if they will remove the old refrigerant or if you must make arrangements to have that done prior to turning the unit over to them for recycling.


The old type of R22 refrigerant is often referred to simply as Freon®, which is a brand name. It is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and has been shown to deplete the ozone layer that protects the earth from much of the sun’s UV radiation. The R22 refrigerant was widely used for more than 50 years before being discontinued in new HVAC systems. Beginning January 1, 2010, manufacturers could not make any new equipment that used R22 refrigerant. It can still be used to service existing equipment, but the Montreal Protocol requires the U.S. to continue to reduce its consumption of HCFCs.


Before accepting old HVAC units, municipal landfills require all R22 refrigerant and other harmful chemicals be removed by a professional service to prevent any of it being released into the environment. They can then disassemble the unit and recycle much of its components before disposing of the non-recyclable parts in the landfill. The policies and just how much a landfill actually recycles can vary by county. Be sure to call and find out your landfill’s requirements in advance.

Utility Company

Some utility companies have what are called Bounty Programs for the older less energy-efficient HVAC units. They will buy your old HVAC unit and other appliances if it meets the standards of their program. It typically needs to be in working condition and meet some other criteria to qualify for the program. Often these programs are only available for a limited time.

We are dedicated to providing top quality customer service to every customer. That is why we employ only courteous, honest, and knowledgeable technicians who each have education and experience installing the newest energy-saving products that are made by trusted manufacturers like Trane, Carrier, and others. When you call Snyder Heating & Air, you know that it is done properly from the start and that we will be around when you need us for service and maintenance. Contact us today for more information on the home comfort services we provide.

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