When Should I Change my Air Filter?

When Should I Change my Air Filter?

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Ed Miller on Thu, Oct 03, 2013

Residents of Florida are certainly aware of the blistering heat and humidity that are present during the summer months. On some days, you can merely step outside for a few quick minutes and feel your clothes dampen to your body from the perspiration already being released. While it is true that you sometimes cannot avoid being exposed to this heat, you can control the temperature of your home so that it is refreshing when you return. Thanks to HVAC systems, homeowners have the ability to adjust the climate within their residences to ensure comfort at any time of the year. However, you must ensure that your heating and air conditioning system is well maintained and serviced to ascertain functionality when it is needed most.

What You Can Do to Help Maintain Your HVAC System


Even though you live a busy life, it is critical that you set a reminder to replace your air filter at least every three months. Doing so will not only allow the system to work to its full capacity and promote longevity, but it will also help increase the quality of air you breathe while at home. Air filters are fairly inexpensive and can be easily replaced with no professional knowledge whatsoever. Another way you can help your system is by listening for any abnormal sounds that may be coming from it. In the event that you hear something or you feel that it is not performing to the best of its ability, calling a Snyder Heating and Air Jacksonville professional to come out and have a look is highly recommended.

Knowing When to Replace Your Air Filter

As stated before, it is recommended that air filters be replaced in any HVAC system once every three months. Nonetheless, there are certain circumstances where replacement will be necessary before ninety days. Some of these may include:

  • Homes that are doing interior remodeling projects that include painting, sanding and so on
  • Being a pet owner as dander and hair can clog filters
  • After a flood to remove moisture and mildew
  • During allergy season when pollen is heavily in the air

Understanding what can contribute to poor air quality is vital when it comes to the frequency of changing your air filter.

Finding Your Air Filter

On most appliances, the air filter is located near the blower and simply slides out so it can be replaced. Individuals that are unable to locate their air filter are encouraged to ask a Snyder Heating and Air Jacksonville representative for assistance. In many cases, an expert can point you in the right direction of your air filter over the phone.

How Snyder Can Help

Snyder Heating and Air has been servicing the Jacksonville area for over 40 years by helping customers stay comfortable within their homes. Even though there are some things you can do alone to help preserve your heating and air conditioning system, there will likely come a point in time where professional services will be needed. It is important that you do not attempt to fix your HVAC system yourself if you do not have the proper knowledge and tools necessary to do so. The Snyder Air Jacksonville experts will have no problem getting you back up and running as soon as possible. Along with repairs, Snyder also offers installation, maintenance and has consultants that you can visit with to become better familiar with your system. Don’t be the ones left without a functioning air conditioner when the next heat wave rolls around. Remember to change your air filter regularly and pay attention to any abnormalities that may come about with your system. If you have any questions or need expert servicing and advice, do not hesitate as Snyder Air is just a phone call away.

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