Why Do You Need Professional Duct Sealing?

Why Do You Need Professional Duct Sealing?

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Ed Miller on Fri, Jun 05, 2015

If you dissect your energy bill, you will realize a major chunk of the bill comprises of heating and cooling your home. Hence, if your home is riddled with leaking ducts, you can be certain your pocket will continue taking a huge hit, so will your ability to stay comfortable indoors. So, what is the solution for leaky air ducts? It actually is simple – professional duct sealing.

Does Your Home Have Leaky Ducts?

Before you decide you want the air ducts in your home professionally sealed, it is best to first figure out whether you have leaky air ducts.

Your HVAC system cannot function without air ducts. These ducts transport heated and cooled air to the different parts of your home. But if these ducts are not insulated or spring a leak, the interiors of your home will either be hot (in summer) or cold (in winter). The U.S. Department of Energy states leaky ducts can result in 30 percent loss of energy from an average home. That is a huge loss; and most people don’t even realize they are losing so much energy and money as air ducts are installed out of sight.

Some of the signs your home is suffering from leaky ducts are as follows:

  • Hot and cold spots in your home

  • Rattling sounds emanating from around the house

  • Low air pressure from the air supply outlets

If you notice any of these, you definitely require professional duct sealing and you shouldn’t waste a single moment calling in a reliable and trustworthy professional.

Advantages of Having Ducts Sealed Professionally

Getting the air ducts sealed professionally is not just about saving money and making your home more energy efficient; it also is a way of performing preventive maintenance to ensure major problems do not occur later on.

When you opt for professional duct sealing, the technician will initially inspect the ducts thoroughly to ascertain the areas of leak. During this assessment, damaged ducts and tangled ducts are fixed before they are sealed to minimize energy loss. Some of the benefits you will enjoy are as follows:

A More Efficient HVAC System: If the ducts are leaking out heated or cooled air, your HVAC system will not perform optimally or efficiently. This is true even if you spend money to purchase the most efficient system in the market. Once the ducts are sealed properly, you will notice a significant change in the comfort level of your home. Your HVAC system will not have to work hard to heat or cool your living spaces.

Improved Indoor Air Quality: Leaking ducts can have an adverse effect on the indoor air quality, as the ducts become a source of pollutants and allergens. Once the ducts are sealed, indoor air quality improves noticeably and you also will find your allergies reducing.

Saving Money: With professional duct sealing, the HVAC system becomes more efficient and this, in turn, reduces energy losses and prevents heated or cooled air from escaping via the leaks. Hence, you will save money on heating and cooling your home. Contact Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning today to have your ducts sealed the right way.

Many times, you may not be aware that your home has leaky air ducts or you require professional duct sealing. Rather than take a financial hit every month and also suffer from uncomfortable living spaces, call in a professional to check the air ducts. Such a professional has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the ducts are adequately sealed.

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