Why Is My A/C Unit Leaking Water?

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Why Is My A/C Unit Leaking Water?

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Ed Miller on Mon, May 18, 2015

Summer is approaching! It’s an exciting time of year as you anticipate longer, warmer days and special time with family and friends. Although you’ll enjoy every moment, deep down you know it’s going to fly by in a blink. As you prepare for summer, don’t forget about your old air conditioner – it’s about to be employed full time!

It’s fairly common for your air conditioner unit to leak throughout the hot summer months. The trick for homeowners is to know when it’s normal and when the unit needs some professional attention. The causes of a dripping A/C unit are varied. While some leaking water needs immediate attention, other instances are normal results of hot temps and other factors.


The evaporator coil within your A/C unit works to dehumidify the air within your home on those sultry days that seem to last longer than a mere 24 hours. As your A/C pulls all that hot air, it’s natural for condensation to build-up around it, causing a few drips here and there. That moisture should empty into a drain pan where it will eventually drain. Sometimes the pan gets a little too full on really hot days. This is completely normal and doesn’t signal a problem with air conditioner leaking. However, if you notice the leakage occurring on a regular basis, it’s time to seek professional help.

Dirty Filter

Dust, debris, pollen and air pollutants quickly build up on your air conditioner’s filter. When the filter becomes clogged, it leads to moisture build-up on the evaporator coil which quickly forms into ice. The melting ice then spills over the edges of the drain pan, causing air conditioner leaking. To prevent leakage due to a dirty filter, check and change your A/C filter regularly. If you know how, you can change the filter yourself. Otherwise, call your A/C service professional.

Old Insulation

Your air conditioner consists of copper pipes connecting the outside compressor to the inside A/C unit. Condensation can occur as cold refrigerant runs through the warm pipes if they are improperly insulated. Sometimes older insulation begins to deteriorate, causing the condensation to drip water out of your A/C unit. If this is the case in your home, it’s important to call a professional to re-insulate those pipes.

Clogged Drain Hole

The drain that removes water from the air conditioning unit can sometimes clog with debris. Clear any blockage and the leaking should stop.

Improper Installation

If an air conditioner is improperly installed, it can become unlevel and cause excess water to leak. Check your unit to make sure it’s level.

When To Call a Professional

Although a leaking A/C unit can be cause for alarm, sometimes it’s a natural thing that will pass as fast as the hot weather. If you have a concern, your best bet is to call on a professional service provider to come and take a look.

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