Why You Can’t Buy HVAC Equipment Online

Why You Can’t Buy HVAC Equipment Online

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Ed Miller on Thu, Feb 28, 2019


Online shopping has become a mainstay of modern life. For many, the convenience of searching for necessities, gifts, and luxury items from the comfort of their couch or home office provides them more time with family and less time driving to various shops. Those who live in rural areas may also find that shopping online offers them a greater selection and price range that local stores may not give them.

Shopping on the internet can also allow do-it-yourselfers a tremendous selection of parts and tools they might otherwise find in local home repair outlets. Pieces for automobiles, plumbing fittings, and other home upgrade items are easy to find browsing online stores and auction sites. Yet many people have discovered it isn’t easy to buy HVAC equipment online, which may leave them wondering if they should be able to.

The short answer is: No, you should not be able to buy HVAC equipment or supplies online. But why not?

Too Big, Too Little, Just Right

It might seem easy to estimate how large an HVAC system your home requires. The calculations involved in selecting the proper size for heating and cooling equipment take factors into account that those with casual knowledge might not consider. The direction the house faces, the amount of shade it receives, the number of windows and floors a house has, the type and amount of insulation: All these and more matter to choosing the proper equipment.

HVAC equipment of the wrong size can cause discomfort from an improperly climate-controlled home, poor air quality, higher energy bills, and a shortened system lifespan. It is important to allow professionals to perform the proper calculations to ensure the best equipment selection for your home.

No Guarantees, or Warranties

Online retailers may sell equipment as a third-party dealer. While this may not matter for some items, it definitely matters for HVAC equipment. These third-party sales may render the manufacturer’s warranty invalid, which can mean a greater expense to you if the equipment breaks.

Purchasing your equipment and installation from a professional not only means ensuring the proper size of system is installed, it means that if something goes wrong, you will be able to fall back on manufacturer warranties and—if it’s a reputable business—a service guarantee. The damage and repairs from third-party parts would likely cost far more than you would initially save.

Questionable Equipment, Questionable Savings

HVAC professionals have years of experience with the products they sell. They have also accumulated experience with products that require repairs again and again. Knockoff brands of equipment, or low-quality equipment, are prevalent online, and their price tags may entice consumers to buy them in hopes of finding a bargain.

Bargain brand HVAC equipment is not likely to perform to your expectations. Furthermore, it is more likely to break, and lackluster warranty coverage will mean additional costs for the unlucky homeowner.

Knowledge Counts

When you purchase HVAC equipment online, you not only run the risk of improper sizing, voided warranties, and poor-quality equipment. You miss out on the years of knowledge and experience your local professional has come by throughout their career. This wealth of insight into the best equipment and practices will mean an HVAC system you can count on for years to come. The additional longevity amounts to much greater savings than you would find online.

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