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Simple Tips to Maintain Air Quality and Help You Breathe Freely

Simple Tips to Maintain Air Quality and Help You Breathe Freely

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Ed Miller on Tue, Jan 23, 2018

When it comes to improving home health, air quality is both one of the most important factors and also one of the subtlest. You may not notice if the air you’re breathing is dirty or dry, but over time, it takes a toll on your body. Thus, the more you can do to improve home air quality, the easier it is to achieve and maintain good health. The following simple tips will enhance your air dramatically:

  1. Turn Down the Heat: On a cold winter night, it might feel good to crank the heat up to 80 degrees, but the benefit of doing so is short-lived. Heating systems tend to remove moisture from the air, and the higher you set the heat, the more serious the problem becomes. Dry air puts more pressure on your respiratory system while increasing your chances of contracting a sinus disease. Luckily, the solution to this problem is every bit as simple as the cause. By setting the air to a moderate temperature, you allow it to retain more moisture, making it healthier to breathe in.
  2. Set Up a Humidifier: Even with the temperature at a moderate level, you’ll still have to deal with dry air, especially on winter nights. A humidifier lets you add moisture wherever and whenever dry air becomes a problem. Ideally, the air should be between 40 and 60 percent humidity; if it drops below this level, run a humidifier in your room overnight.
  3. Clean Your Home: Moisture isn’t the only factor affecting air quality. Dust, pollen, and other particulates also play a role, putting additional pressure on your respiratory system while setting off your allergies. These particles become lodged in your carpet, couch, and other furnishings, where they get picked up by the air as it circulates through your house. The good news is that the same steps you take to keep your furniture clean also contribute to cleaner air. By vacuuming your couch, carpet, and other fabrics on a regular basis, you reduce the total amount of particles that can get into the air. Sweeping and mopping your floor and counters also helps, though you should be careful not to use cleaning products that pollute the air.
  4. Check the Filters: While you can reduce levels of pollen and particulates in the air by cleaning your house, you can’t eliminate them entirely. For this reason, your home’s ventilation system has filters, which catch any remaining particles and keep the air clean. But over time, filters become clogged, preventing air from circulating effectively through the building. You should thus inspect your ventilation system once every few months to make sure the filters are working effectively. Depending on the type of filters you use, you may be able to clean them out and reuse them; if not, replacing them is simple and inexpensive.
  5. Enhance Ventilation: Once you’re sure the filters are working properly remove any barriers which might hinder effective ventilation. Move furniture and other obstacles away from the vents, and turn on fans periodically in bathrooms and other isolated areas of the home. Combined with purchasing regular maintenance and upgrade services for your home HVAC system, this keeps air circulating through the building, leading to continuous improvements in air quality.

Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to helping you improve air quality on every front. Take our air quality quiz to get an idea of the most effective ways you can improve your air. Once you’re done, contact us and we’ll put you on the right path to breathing freely.


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