Your Daikin Provider 


Air conditioning helps the air inside stay clean and fresh while keeping hot polluted air outside. Proper maintenance and regular inspections of the unit will help the unit to live out its expected life. When the time comes for a new air conditioner, Daikin AC will make the list of best to buy.
Daikin AC manufactures air conditioning units for residential, commercial and light commercial use. The advantages of these units come in their unique components and dedication to customer service. The differences include:

  • 3D Dealer Program
  • Daikin Energy Tax Credits
  • Warranty Plus
  • AHRI Certification


Call a certified 3D Dealer for a consultation and home inspection before replacing the old unit. The HVAC certified representative will give valuable information about what type of unit best serves the size of the home. Choices include:

SINGLE-ZONE: Single Zone AC units’ heat and cool small spaces like bedrooms that stay warmer or cooler than other rooms.
MULTI-ZONE: These work best in mid-sized homes where up to 8-zones need cooling or heating. Each of the 8-zones work independently by remote control.
WHOLE HOUSE: Independently control up to 8-zones while cooling or heating the entire home. The whole house systems work best in mid to large sized homes.


Jacksonville area residents use Snyder Heating and Air. The HVAC certified professionals know better than anyone which system works best in the Jacksonville weather conditions. The local dealer will:

  • Install a new air conditioner/heater system
  • Perform routine maintenance
  • Repair the unit when needed
  • Educate customers on filter changes and how to save energy

Maintenance, repair or new installations will become less stressful with the right air conditioner/heater system and trained professionals on the job.

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