Daikin vs Lennox vs Rheem: Which HVAC Brand Is Best for Me?

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Daikin vs Lennox vs Rheem: Which HVAC Brand Is Best for Me?

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Ed Miller on Wed, Nov 11, 2020

A new air conditioning and heating unit is a massive investment. Choosing the right HVAC equipment for your home can be difficult, especially when you’re choosing between the biggest names in the game: Daikin, Lennox, and Rheem.

You want to balance the price of the unit against the features you want, the unit’s warranty, and the efficiency rating that will perform best in your home. While it’s hard to go wrong with any of these top-of-the-line HVAC equipment brands, each has its own benefits to suit every homeowner’s unique situation. Look for a solid warranty, a rich set of features, and a good SEER (or efficiency) rating. Remember – the higher the SEER number, the more you save on energy; you also get tax breaks on units above 17 SEER!


Daikin will consistently be a top choice brand for a new AC unit, largely due to their innovative technology and dedication to customer service. The company is multinational in scale but offers personalized assistance at a local level. Their 3D Dealer Program ensures customer satisfaction through consultations with highly-trained product and installation experts. Homeowners using select products can also qualify for energy tax credits.

Additional perks include AHRI Certification and great warranties of 2-12 years for units and 12 years for individual parts. With one-speed, two-speed, and variable units, Daikin offers a variety of products to fit any home. Several are top-rated by Energy Star, and their SEER ratings reach up to 24.5 in variable models. You’ll be able to choose between the following options:

  • Single-Zone units heat and cool small spaces like bedrooms that need to stay warmer or cooler than other areas.
  • Multi-Zone units work best in mid-sized homes and cool or heat up to 8 single zones, which can be controlled independently and remotely.
  • Whole House units are suited for mid-sized to large homes, and heat and cool up to 8-zones while also cooling or heating the entire building.


Lennox products are a top-of-the-line choice for those looking for quiet and efficient HVAC equipment. The company has been in business for more than 100 years, and remains a leading brand in the industry because of its high standards. Customer surveys show a high reliability and consequently a high satisfaction rate. Lennox models feature SEER ratings up to a staggering 26, which is twice the minimum requirement!

The brand’s claim to fame is their expansive line of dependable and highly efficient air conditioners. Lennox offers three distinct lines: the Lennox Signature Line, the Elite Series and the Merit line. Lennox offers a Limited Warranty for all heat exchangers – regardless of category – for 20 years. The other models are covered as shown here:

  • The Signature® Collection Series offers the most features and highest precision technology. These products are up to 50% quieter than standard models, and they come with a 10-year parts and 10-year compressor warranty.
  • The Elite® Series units contain a high-efficiency outdoor coil that cuts energy bills, as well as a quiet direct-drive fan. They also offer a 5-year parts and a 10-year compressor warranty.
  • The Merit® Series products are economical and dependable options that come with excellent longevity, as well as a 5-year parts and 5-year compressor warranty.


Rheem was founded in 1925, and their products have since been known for their reliability and innovation – and, more recently, their commitment to sustainability. Founded in California, Rheem is an American company with a long track record of award-winning solutions that provide advanced comfort. They are also dedicated to cutting emissions in half and achieving zero waste in global manufacturing by 2025. Rheem offers seven models in three different series to accommodate a wide range of needs and homes.

  • The Classic Series (Models RA13, RA14, RA14**W, and RA16) all sport a scroll compressor, composite base pans, and SEER Ratings of 13-16. The series also includes two-stage models in the RA17 non-communicating unit, and SEER ratings reach 17.
  • The Classic Plus Series (RA17) is a two-stage unit that is eco-net enabled, with a scroll compressor and SEER ratings up to 17.
  • The Prestige Series (RA20) is the most efficient unit, with a minimum SEER rating of 20 at all capacities.

All Rheem units contain two-stage compressors – as opposed to single stage units – which helps them conserve energy. All units also come with a 10 year warranty on parts and compressors. Rheem products are great budget-friendly options that still deliver on durability, energy efficiency, and comfort.

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