Why Should I Have a Service Agreement?

Why Should I Have a Service Agreement?

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Ed Miller on Thu, Sep 19, 2013

You are probably like hundreds of other people who really don’t fully understand what a service agreement is, and what benefits it contains. A service contract is usually drawn up by a service provider outlining specific services the company provides. In other words your service agreement is a legally binding agreement; between you and the ac service technician you do business with in Jacksonville FL. Your service agreement should outline all of these terms, and explain them in detail.


  1. Repairs to broken or damaged parts should be specifically outlined. How often repairs are done, and to what extent they are done, and whether or not the company will reimburse you should not be questionable, but understood.
  2. Replacing worn parts should be in the service agreement, if the parts are old and worn due to normal wear and tear. What parts are eligible for replacement and whether or not you are charged a service fee, are other details you should know.
  3. Onsite or in home repairs needs to be outlined in the service contract. Do you take the ac in or do you opt to have a technician come in your home? Is there a fee for either service, if so how much or what percentage are you responsible for?
  4. Upgrading parts that are old and outdated might not be in the agreement. Before you are stuck paying for unnecessary upgrades, check your agreement.
  5. Returns and refunds for parts and services are part of the service agreement, and should be outlined as such. It is important to know whether or not you will receive a refund on parts or services that did not meet your specifications. Sometimes parts are effective and can cause your heating and cooling unit to malfunction. Check to ensure to what extent replacement, returns and refunds are granted.

Read the Service Agreement before Signing on the Dotted Line

Before you sign an agreement, or do business with a company, make sure you understand what you are signing. Don’t let excitement get in the way of commitment. Commit to finding out more about your company’s service agreement, and how it affects you. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions, and analyze the answers you get. You don’t want to be stuck paying for a service agreement that is not beneficial to your needs. Here are a few questions you can ask, if you want clarity about the kind of services you are entitled to.

Your heating and cooling needs are important, and your ac service technician in Jacksonville FL strives to meet or exceed your expectations. When you need your ac or heating unit repaired, you want it done by professionals that care. Your ac repair technician should be available to assist you with any heating or cooling problem you may encounter. All of your questions and concerns should be answered quickly and to your satisfaction.

Do Business with an AC Service Jacksonville FL Company You Trust

When your heating or cooling unit stops working tension and frustration quickly sets in. You purchased your unit from the manufacturer, but you never really looked at the service agreement. The installer didn’t point out the clauses in your service agreement, and you don’t know what is or is not covered. Now you have questions and you want answers.


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